Friday, July 24, 2015

What's going on

   Had another of those blogging lapses ... but really, I've been doing stuff!  It's also hard to believe that the summer is slipping by.  Just realized that in another month or so, we'll have apples and squash.

   Here's what's going on at the casa de chaos:

   We're jammin:  Made a batch of mulberry jam, and for the first time, tried my hand at making peach preserves. (It helps to find peaches on sale, LOL!).   The preserves taste great, but I think I should have cooked them a bit longer.  They're still a little runny.  

In the garden:   We've had so much rain, that I feared everything would drown.  But this stretch of hot, dry weather got the tomatoes and green beans going.  Been picking lots of beans, and am about to freeze my first batch of tomatoes.  Hopefully, soon I can report the arrival of zucchini and eggplant.

The never-ending painting job:   It started with the woodwork in the kitchen. Now I notice that the woodwork in other rooms need a coat of paint, too.  So I've done the front windowsill, next is the trim around the patio door. Then the basement door, then the master bath ....

 The big job:   Replacing our rotting
 mailbox post. (Seen at left in its dismantled state.) We opted to buy the new post only. DH picked it up and did the installation, while I contributed the 2 coats of paint. (What's that about never-ending painting?)

On the sewing front:  Turned a pair of pants with worn-out hems into a pair of capris.  Did some mending.  Cut out a pair of sleep shorts and more quilt squares.  Do need to finish the duvet for our big comforter before it gets cold again. 

Plus the stuff of daily life, like cooking, cleaning, dental visits, vet visits, shopping, and what have you.  At some point, I need to find at least a part-time job to help cover some increased expenses.  Though lately, I'm not sure I've had time for a job ;)  

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Jackie said...

Seems like once a person starts around the house and garden, they wonder where they had the time for a job.

God bless.