Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Salvage store shopping

   I believe I've mentioned that we discovered a salvage grocery store in my city, and while I don't buy a lot there, it's always worth a look.

   Found out they were having a $5 case sale over the weekend, so drove over to see what they had.
   As sales go, it was pretty good.  I would have preferred more staples, like canned goods, but I'm finding those are far and few between at any salvage store.
    Anyway, this is what I came home with:
  Six 12-ounce boxes of granola bars. (This time of year, DH runs through our supply.)  Six 13.5 ounce boxes of cereal; 6 40-count boxes of tea bags; and 24 8-ounce packages of shelf-stable soy milk. 
   (I was very good and passed on the cases of cookies.  And since I bake my muffins from scratch, I passed by those mixes, too.)

   So, not bad for name-brand goods, and with one exception, all of them have "best-by" dates into next year. 
     One odd thing: Someone took my cart.   I parked it to look at something and when I turned around, it was gone.  Fortunately, I didn't lose anything I couldn't replace. 
     And because I am inherently nosy ... I wonder about the folks whose SUV was filled with cases of pancake mix.  Restaurant?  Big family?  Lodge/church pancake breakfast?

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Jackie said...

We do not have salvage stores in this neck of the woods, so it is always interesting to see what you manage to find.

You got some great items.

God bless.