Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free food

  We've recently had some odd adventures in dining that resulted in some free meals ....

   Odd adventure 1:  We stopped for burgers at a national chain restaurant.  Knew from the outset we were going to have problems because the worker couldn't comprehend that the sandwich I wanted was actually on the value menu.  We had to persuade her to walk over to the sign listing the value menu items and say, "See ... there it is"  (right below the item she kept insisting that I wanted.)
     I ordered the burger without cheese ... yep, it arrived with cheese.  Manager apologized, remade my order and told me to keep the other burger.  (Which DH ate later.)

Odd adventure 2:  DH wanted pizza and had a 2-fer deal ... OK.   When he got there, he realized one pizza had the wrong sauce and was missing toppings   He had them remake it.   Before he left, he looked at the second pizza, and realized this one had the wrong toppings, too. (and the wrong sauce, we were to find out later)  A chat with the manager, and he ended up with all three pizzas, for free. 

I've never worked in a fast-food joint, so I can't speak to what kind of system or conditions the workers have to deal with.  But this isn't the first time we've had messed-up orders from restaurants ... gotta wonder just how much money these companies are losing -- not only in food, but in customers who don't return -- due to mistakes.


CTMOM said...

Glad they offered the food free to you, otherwise it gets thrown away-such waste in this country. Agree, ordering shouldn't be that complicated!

Jackie said...

I've often wondered the same thing as well.

Free food is good. I may start foraging for various fruits that grow wild here. Chokecherries and Saskatoons make wonderful jam.

God bless.