Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another project down!

  Finally finished one of my "musts"  -- cleaning out the main bookcases!

  Admittedly, I love books ... but there comes a point where there isn't enough room to keep all of them, especially since I have a large pile of books that  "I plan to read when I retire."  ( Methinks the time may have come for that ;)

   Anyway, cleaned out some books that were at least 25 years old. And while I enjoyed them at the time, I have no interest in reading them again.  And while I was at it, I tried to shelve the remaining ones into "interest" sections. Translation: I finally put all the cookbooks and the reference books together. Now I don't have to hunt when I want to cook ... or look something up. 

    In the end, I donated two large grocery bags worth of books.  I have several more bags that I will try to sell at the second-hand book store.

   Now, I need to kick up my reading a notch, since I have more unread books lurking in another closet.

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