Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Barking up another tree

I needed a narrow piece of webbing for a repair project, but for some reason, the nearby fabric stores (or stores with craft sections) didn't have anything that would work.

  So I resigned myself to buying online, until I came across this at the dollar store:

Yep ... that's right.  A dog leash.

But hey, it's the perfect size, and if I turn out the black side (sorry, not easy to see in this view), it will be a great match.

And best of all ... it was $1! And I have leftovers that I can use for something else.


Debbie V. said...

Nice find. I keep telling myself I need to go to the dollar store on a regular basis. This weekend for sure.
So do you have a regular list of things you look for when you go there?
Do you go to more than one dollar store?

Jackie said...

Wow, nice fix DW.

God bless.

DW said...

Funny you should ask, Debbie ... we were just there the other night. I happen to live between 2 dollar stores (same company) ... I buy some cleaners, things like steel wool pads, some personal care items like soap and deodorant. Tried the lotions, but prefer name brands. Do pick up some food ... tortillas are good ... they used to have canned tomatoes with chilies 2/$1 ... get lasagna noodles and occasionally other pastas.

Debbie V. said...

Thanks for the ideas DW - I'll report back after my foray this coming weekend :)