Sunday, June 7, 2015

Back and forth ... and back again

  Apologies for the lapse in blogging for the past month or so.  As I've mentioned to my friends over on Frugal Living, I've been at a temp job ( or a project/contract job if you will) which is expected to wrap up shortly. 

  It's been interesting going back to work after a 7-month layoff.   Nice to know I'm still employable, even it it is short-term. On the other hand, I'm reminded that there is a cost to working.  More gas, more laundry, more lunchbox chips, granola bars, etc  ... the occasional soda. (At least I don't have to pay for parking ... )

But we've adapted ... especially on the food front. DH took over a lot of the cooking, so we've managed to avoid the convenience food/let's eat out traps. 

  My biggest challenge has been lunch.  The office  does not have enough microwaves to service all the folks who want to warm up their lunches.  And we only have a half hour, so ...

   At first, I bought deli meat, and burned out on that pretty quickly.   But slowly, I started to realize that a pork roast produces dandy sandwiches, as does baked chicken.  And baked chicken can be turned into chicken salad.  A hard boiled egg can be the basis of a chef's salad.  Tuna salad and crackers is good, as is homemade hummus. 
   As for treats ... first couple of weeks I bought cookies, but I've gotten back into the routine of baking.  

    So, about the time I have this figured out ... it will be time to move on.   (And what's next?  No idea.  I'd like to try working part time to see if I can get a better work/life balance, but we shall see what turns up.)


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Jackie said...

Lunches were always a challenge when I was working. Glad that you found a way to make it work for you.

God bless.