Friday, June 26, 2015

A quilting we go ...

   When my aunt passed, I ended up with one of her unfinished quilt block projects.  I've worked on it on and off over the years, and recently picked it back up again.
    I was coming to the end of the pieces that I had and was wondering what I should do next, when it hit me ... there were more cut pieces put away somewhere.
    So I dug through a box, and boy howdy, did I find quilt pieces.  Problem was, many of them -- some finished, some not -- were for another project ... one I didn't particularly want to finish.
    As I thought about it, I realized that the unfinished ones (which are hexagons) could be cut into the proper size squares.  And the material is similar to what's in the first project.
      At this point I should  explain that my aunt sewed her blocks ... with batting ... separately, quilted them, then sewed them together ... all by hand
      So I had all these nicely stuffed and quilted hexagons left ... what to do?
     I finally decided to cut the hexagons  into smaller squares and use them for another project.  After cutting, the batting could be used as "stuffing" for the squares in the first project.
     I'm experimenting with some nine patch for the smaller squares, but haven't decided just how I'm going to use them.  But at least they'll be out of the box, right? 


Jackie said...

Please share the finished project with us. I am always looking to use up those smaller pieces of fabric and new quilt ideas are always welcome.

God bless.

Amy K said...

Perfect solution, love it!

DW said...

I'll do that, Jackie. I've considered some place mats ... also considered just making some self-contained squares (like my aunt's projects) and making a cover for one of the beds. Need to get all my squares together.