Monday, June 29, 2015

A quilting question

  Last time we chatted, I mentioned my late aunt's quilt block project.  And that she did all of her projects by hand.
   Now my aunt had a beautiful hand stitch ... straight, perfectly spaced. She could give Amish quilters a run for their money. Sadly, I did not inherit that talent.  I can't hand-sew a straight stitch worth a $%!!

   So I thought I would try to do a bit of machine quilting ...  a 3-inch square ... two rows of stitching to create two smaller squares within.  Easy, right?

    Er, no.  I can't machine sew a straight line worth a *&!*!! either.   Odd, because I can sew a reasonably straight line to make things.   
     So for those of you who quilt ... am I missing something?  Is there some quilting gadget I should use?  A special foot for the sewing machine? Or should I make a stencil of some kind?


Melissa said...

For most machines you can order a 1/4" foot for piecing that has a lip on the right side that lets you run the fabric against it. (I would check your machines website to see if they offer one.) The only problem I have with the piecing foot is that sometimes it wants to shift with bulky seams. There are also rulers that have 1/4" marked that I use for half-square triangles and other blocks that I cannot use the piecing foot for. Don't give up, keep trying. I do not know any quilter whose first block turned out perfect. Good luck!

Maggie said...

I have not found a gadget that helps. I found I really need to slow down, but I struggle to keep a straight stitch.

DW said...

I shall take a look at the piecing foot ... sounds interesting!