Monday, April 6, 2015

Just hit the button

   Seems Amazon is offering a new form of convenience:  a gadget called a Dash Button.

  If I have this right ...  You order a "button" (which looks a bit like a thumb drive) for your favorite products ... ranging from detergent to dog food.   It hooks up to your WiFi through a phone app.  When you run out of said product, just push the button and Amazon will deliver the goods to your house.

   My first thought was that this was not a good thing if you have small children or large pets in the house.  Though I now see that it will only process the first push --- so you don't end up with a 10-year supply of paper towels.

   Admittedly, it is convenient.  But I can also see how that convenience can lull you into just buying ... without checking prices.

 (And full disclosure:  I do buy some products via Amazon's Subscribe & Save option ... though I do check prices periodically.)


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Jackie said...

They seem to make things easier and easier for a person to part with their money. However, I can see that the button could be a handy thing to use.

God bless.