Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bend me, shape me ....

  Shortly after I got my new glasses, I realized that my sunglasses (which look something like these, with the side clips) no longer fit properly.

   Thought perhaps it was because the lens shape was slightly different, so I decided to check out some other pairs. Well, heck, they didn't fit any better.  And they seemed to be poorly made.

       So I took another look, and realized that because of their shape, the edges of of the lenses in this pair of glasses are thicker than those of my old glasses.  The sunglasses' clips just didn't have enough clearance. 

       So I grabbed a pair of pliers, and with some careful bending, I pulled the clips out enough so that they fit comfortably over the lenses.  
    Problem solved.


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Jackie said...

Wonderful save DW.

God bless.