Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Using it up

    We'd just about gone through our last can of coffee from the stash, and I'd put it on the grocery list. Then I remembered:  I had another stash of coffee.

    This stash was several packages of K-cups that I'd bought back when I took coffee to work to use in the office machine.   Well, I don't have an office, and DH's office uses another type of coffee pod.  And I'm not planning on buying a machine anytime soon ... 

     So I've been dismantling K-cups for use in our drip coffeemaker.  To be honest, it bothers me to see the "cups" go to waste (though it bothered me at work, too).  But it's silly to buy coffee when I have a supply just sitting around. 

    I'm sure, should I ever need to buy them again, that I can find plenty of reasonably priced K-cups somewhere ... meanwhile, I'm enjoying my morning coffee.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I did this with some Kcups I had that just would not work in my machine.

God bless.