Friday, February 27, 2015

Salvage store!

  Made a great discovery ... there's a salvage/bent&dent type store in my city!.
  Yeah, I really should get a hobby.  But this is good news because the nearest salvage store
 is about a two hour drive away.
    So, off we went.

    It's a medium-size store ... apparently it is owned by the folks who also own a local restaurant, which explains the industrial-size prepared foods in the freezers.  They offered a number of gluten-free and organic items, too. I bought some vegan cheese ... which is interesting ...
        As for the rest ... many of the items came from the supermarket chain that has several locations in town. Unfortunately, I saw many of the same items that I'd purchased recently ... on sale ... at the store.

      The best deals ended up being snack-type items.  We bought several bags of chips ... most will go into DH's work lunches, along with a few other snacks, plus a large box of dryer sheets.   (I noticed the same thing in my last round of shopping ... snacks, prepared cereals and the like  were going at rock-bottom prices, while the "real food" prices were pretty close to retail.)

     But, like any salvage store, the bargains change frequently.  So it's definitely worth an occasional visit. 


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Jackie said...

Having another store give a choice on prices is a big help to the budget. We have 3 grocery stores here (for around 13,000 people in the city not the surrounding area...closer to 30,000 then) and I sometimes think they collaborate on their prices.

God bless.