Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sometimes, you have to upgrade a bit

   I like to use the dollar store for many of our personal care and cleaning items.  Most of the time, the quality is good ... or at least good enough ;)  But lately we've had a couple of issues.

    I used to buy the 10-pack of scrubby sponges for hand-washing dishes.  Then it went down to an 8-pack, then to a 6-pack.  Anyway, the other dishwasher in the house noted that the sponges were falling apart (and literally going flat) after one or two rounds of dishes.  Rather aggravating.  So I bought Aldi's sponges ... a 3-pack for $1.29.  After a couple of weeks of use, the scrubby part is showing  wear, but the sponge is still holding up. 

    Also was buying the large cans of shaving cream. Unfortunately, in the most recent cans, the lather was a bit "runny" instead of thick ... made it hard to shave.  I bought a can of a store-brand shave cream. (It was on sale, but is normally $1.29 ... is there a pattern here?)  Much better.   I also discovered that another store sells a name-brand for around $1, so that may be another fallback.


Jackie said...

I have found that some things are just made a bit better if you pay a bit more for them. Good on you for finding shaving creme at a store that sells it for $1.00.

God bless.

Lili said...

I've found some products quite good at Dollar Tree, and other's just so-so. I like the Sun brand of dishwasher detergent. But the off-brands of hand washing liquid dish detergent (at $Tree) seems watered down. It does make a good kitchen hand soap, though.

The other issue I have is that if I watch local grocery store ads, I can sometime find the exact same product on sale at the grocer store, for less than what I paid at $Tree. For instance, bar soap. I was buying it at $Tree, then found it on sale a couple of months ago for 88cents/ pack, at the grocery store. I bought as much as they had on the shelf at the grocery store. I use the bar soap to make my own laundry soap, so I do go through a lot of it.

DW said...

Lil ... I discovered that one of the supermarkets here sells the same brand/size of toothpastes a bit cheaper than at DT. (And when they had them on sale for 69 cents, I bought a half-dozen.) So, like everything else, guess you need to know your prices.