Friday, December 26, 2014

Stumbling on savings

   I had intended to bake a ham for Christmas dinner.  Even bought one. (Best price I could find this year was $1.29 a pound for a shank ham.  Not bad, but I miss those 99 cent a pound sales.)

   But during a quick trip to the supermarket for a couple of last-minute items, a sign on the meat counter caught my eye:  "All leg of lamb products $2.99 lb."

  Whoa!  That's unheard of.  There were full legs marked at $6.99 lb and boneless half-leg roasts for $8.49 lb.  "Are you sure about this?"   I asked one of the department employees.  "They aren't marked."
     He assured me the price would be marked down at the register, and added that it was unusual for them to have this much lamb left so close to Christmas. 

    So I picked up a boneless half-leg roast, priced at $30.  Sure enough, I got the markdown -- to $9.99.    Merry Christmas!   

     (It was delicious, and we shall eat every scrap ...)

     Today, I was at another market for a pharmacy stop, so I browsed the meat and produce aisles for any markdowns.  Now, I wasn't going to get chicken ... we'd stocked when this market sold drumsticks and thighs for 88 cents a pound.   But there it was ... a shelf full of split chicken breasts, all natural, normally $3.99 a pound ... marked down to 99 cents a pound. 

     So I grabbed a package with five large split breasts.   Yep, we'll
eat more chicken ... 


CTMOM said...

DW-we shop with the same method: grab a deal when you see it, it may never come around again! I scored multiple deals on marked down meat yesterday: cubed steaks, bone in center cut pork chops, bulk hot Italian sausage, stew beef, organic pasture raised ground beef. Yep, my freezer is happy!

Jackie said...

Wow, DW that was an incredibly great buy. Enjoy!!!

God bless.