Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Safety alert

   Thought I'd pass this on, since most of us are out and about for holiday shopping.

    The police in my city are warning of a "flat tire" scam that's going on at some area supermarkets and drug stores.   In this scam, a person slashes or punctures the tire of a vehicle in the parking lot.  When the victim returns to find the flat, this person appears and aggressively offers to change the tire and asks for money in return.

     Police are telling folks to go back into the store and call them (and report it to the store manager).
     I'd suggest parking near the door, or another busy area in the lot, if possible --- might discourage someone from messing with your car.

     Always something, isn't it?

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Jackie said...

This same scam happened here last year. Finally they picked the wrong off duty police officer.

God bless.