Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is it frugal not to flush?

    If you're squeamish, I might suggest you don't read this over breakfast ....

    Came across this story about the merits of not flushing after ... er ... number one.   There are certainly strong arguments for it:   water conservation,  savings on the water/sewer bills.
     But then again, there's the "ick" factor.  There are certain things you may not want to smell in your house.  And it's not something I'd do in a public setting, or someone else's house. To me, that would be rude.

    Now, I admit there are times we don't flush at the casa de chaos ... middle of the night trips to the bathroom being one.  (No sense in waking up the household for something that can wait a couple of hours.)

Anyway, here's the story.   What do you think?

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Jackie said...

Hmmm, we tried this and just did not like the ick factor at all. It did save us a bit on the water bill, but not really enough to make it worth while.

God bless.