Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A refund, please

         Money flies out of my house fast enough, it seems ... so if something I buy isn't rung up at the correct price, or I don't like, need or use a service, I want my money back.


       Got an e-mail deal from a food-service store.  10-inch pies, normally $6.99, were on sale for $2.  (Limited flavors, so methinks it was a Thanksgiving overstock.)    Bought two, then realized when I got home that something wasn't right.   Turns out the clerk only discounted one pie.
       To be fair, the coupon was confusing.  It said "Limit 2"  but the directions said only one pie could be discounted.  Say what?
        So back to the store.  Apparently the clerk should have scanned the coupon twice. Refund: $4.99

     We had some new flooring installed at the casa de chaos.   Turns out the installer didn't need the adhesive, and asked if we wanted it credited.   At $90, you bet your vinyl floor I want it credited ... and we contacted the salesperson to make sure it will be.

     Had to buy an emergency ink cartridge at full price.  (Normally, I order it, but there was a Christmas gift being printed.)   The cartridge was defective.   So back I went, and got an exchange.  No refund, but at least I'm not out the $$.

     I've contacted a cat-food maker about their guarantee ... I tried the product when Little Girl went on her hunger strike.  She wouldn't eat it.   Neither would her brother (who eats just about anything ... including what he shouldn't).
  We'll see what they say ... but that $4.50 (after coupon) can go toward something she will eat.



CTMOM said...

DW-check on line for your state dept of consumer services website links. Here in CT, if the scenario of the second pie not ringing up happened, I'd be entitled to a FREE item, worth up to $20. Nice.

Jackie said...

My house sounds a great deal like yours... The money flying out the window at times. Wish I was as conscientious as you though about getting my money back or store credit.

God bless.

DW said...

Thanks Carol ... I'll take a look on the state website.