Saturday, November 22, 2014

Well, that sure didn't work

    I had an appointment earlier this week ... not to a place where I could wear jeans ... so I was getting my clothes ready the night before.

   As I was cleaning up my dress shoes, the cap fell off one of the heels.  OK .. I'll glue it back on.

   Unfortunately, the glue was dried up.   It's late ... now what?

    I spied the silicone sealant.  Well, it holds plumbing fixtures together. Why not?  

    And it did hold ... until I was walking out of the parking garage.  Then the cap came off again, and I had to clump the three blocks to the appointment ... and back.

    I made it ... it wasn't too noticeable, though I probably didn't do the heel much good.   So I'll either have to get some better glue, or find a proper shoe repair shop. 

1 comment:

Jackie said...

There is nothing worse than feeling slightly off kilter. Sorry that the silicon sealant didn't work for you.

God bless.