Friday, November 14, 2014

Single servings

   I've seen an interesting sale trend at one of the area supermarkets:  single servings of meat.

   This week, it's a 4 oz pork chop for $1.25.  Last couple of weeks it's been an 8 oz steak (different cuts) for around $4.99.

    I find this interesting because many of this chain's stores have meat counters, where a shopper could purchase one chop or steak or chicken breast .. etc.

   Perhaps this is targeted toward singles or couples who don't want to buy a package of  chops, or who might be willing to "splurge" on a steak or two. (This particular chain operates in a couple of areas where this is the demographic.) 
   Or maybe it's just a method of disguising the fact that meat prices are on the high side....



Jackie said...

I think it's a method of disguising the price of meat. Even when it was just Harvey and I at home as a newly married couple I would buy meat and divide it up.

I suppose it could be for the couple that just want to drop into the store, grab something quick and take it home to cook immediately.

God bless.

Barbara Bomberger said...

When I lived alone, that was all I bought for the most part, at least for grilling and the like. In theory you could buy a family pack of pork chops, but we certainly never did that, unless we were going to cook them all at once (and then freeze or whatever.

There are alot of singles and couples without kids and they want to cater to them

I fully admit I also get the cut up fruit and veggies