Friday, November 7, 2014

Holy cantaloupe!

  We have a happy ending to the cantaloupe saga!
   When last we chatted about the garden, I mentioned that I had to bring my three cantaloupe-harvest inside, even though they didn't appear to be ripe.
     They resided in my bathroom (of course, where else would we put them ;) to keep warm.  Then DH noticed that one of them was rather soft.
      I'm thinking we'd probably lost it, but I cut it open.   It was very melon-like inside.  Took a taste, and while not super-sweet, it wasn't bad.
       So, chunked two of them up and put them in the fridge for breakfasts.  One more to go.

        So the experiment was a success ... and I got my investment back.  But not sure I'll try it again next year.  Maybe I'll take another shot at growing zucchini ...

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Glad the cantaloupe experiment was a success.

I finally managed to get quite a few zucchini off a plant this year. Other years the baby zucchini would rot before I could pick them.

God bless.