Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Small frugalities

   Just a few things we're doing ....

    CD envelopes ... DH wanted a few paper envelopes (rather than plastic boxes) for some data CD's.  Rather than buying, he took one apart and made a template so he can make his own.

    Using it up ...  I'm focusing on baking from the pantry (as well as cooking from it) these days.   I now have time to run the bread machine, or bake lunch-box treats, rather than hit the stores. (Even markdowns can get expensive after awhile.)  My latest creation was red velvet cupcakes (from a mix bought on sale), with leftover orange icing.   They kind of clashed, but were tasty, LOL!

    Off with the lights ...  Having  someone at home all the time does not lower the light bill, so I'm trying to offset that.  I've gotten religious about turning off unused lights, and I've cut back on dryer use.  I've also turned off or reset some of the lamp timers in the house. (I don't have to make the house look occupied ... it is :)

    One room with a timer is where Senior Gal spends her time (away from her obnoxious brother).  I want some light in there, but didn't want a lamp going all the time. So I had a brainstorm:  I bought an inexpensive nightlight, and turn that on for a few hours.  It produces enough light to see by, but should use a lot less electricity.

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Jackie said...

Every little bit helps DW especially in this time of rising prices.

God bless.