Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In the cards

  I'm going to a job seminar/networking event later this week. And today, I realized that, D'oh, I should have a few business cards.  

I thought about using a template to do my own, then realized that no ... I couldn't produce anything that looked professional ... let alone cut it straight.

      So I tried the Web site of my favorite big-box office supply store. Found a design I liked and set it up.  Then found it would take five to seven days to deliver.  Nope.

      But all was not lost. Big box advertises same-day printing. Figured it would cost me more, but I did have a rebate coupon. So I made a print of the designed card, noted the typefaces and point sizes and headed out.

      The print shop guy was happy to help, but there was a problem:  He couldn't use my design.  Seems the online designs can't be accessed by the in-store print shop.  (Really?  Talk about a missed opportunity for sales!)   But print shop guy had another idea.  He found a similar design and is working it up for my card.   And best of all, he's charging me the Web site price!  

     So now I won't be embarrassed if someone asks for my card.   And since the cards won't cost an arm and a leg, I used the rebate coupon to buy printer ink ... which does cost an arm and a leg.

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Jackie said...

So wonderful that you are getting them for the online price. Hope the event goes well.

God bless.