Monday, October 20, 2014

Garden report: near the end

  We're winding down for the year, it seems.  We've already had a couple of frost warnings, though it looks like the freeze may hold off for another week or so.

   I've picked off the little peppers and the last of the green beans.  I still have lots of green tomatoes, and need to start pulling those in.

   I am in a quandary about my cantaloupe.  I have three rather green ones, and I doubt they'll ripen in time to escape the freeze.  From what I understand, they won't ripen if I pick them.   As a last resort, I'm leaving them covered, hoping that it will create a mini-greenhouse and speed them on ...

And speaking of gardening, and I bit of shameless promotion, check out this story I wrote.

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Jackie said...

I do hope your cantaloupe manage to ripen. Your garden lasted a great deal longer than ours. This year instead of the middle of October we had a killing frost the middle of September.... Not nice.

God bless.