Thursday, October 30, 2014

Garden report: All done!

      Time has run out on the garden, it seems.   The two frosts didn't hit my area, but the weather report tonight calls for below-freezing temperatures.  So I spent part of yesterday clearing out the garden.

      My haul:  Four peppers, a handful of baby green beans. and about 6 pounds of tomatoes!  Four pounds of that were from the tiny plum tomatoes that I've been using in salads. 

     I pulled in the three cantaloupe ... not sure keeping the plastic over them did much for ripening.  I'll put them in a warm room and hope for the best.  If not .... well, I tried.

     Anyway, a batch of tomatoes I picked last week is now ripe, and I have some fresh basil to harvest bruschetta is on the menu for dinner. 

     And speaking or gardens ... (Alert: more shameless promotion as I try to put my sabbatical to good use.) here's another story, this one on green beans.  

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Jackie said...

Nice to hear that you managed to get your garden in.

God bless.