Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rack 'em up

   No, I didn't buy a pool table ....  ;)

   Since I'm home for now, I'm doing some of the "frugal-ing" that I haven't had time for.
     One big thing:  Dry as many laundry loads outside as possible.

     Couple of problems, though.  The HOA here doesn't allow permanent clotheslines.  And I only have two drying racks at the moment, which doesn't allow as much room as I would like.

    So, I thought on this a bit ... then dug up a couple of long bamboo poles and the bottom half of a cafe curtain rod.   Placed them between the two racks and secured them with long twist ties.

     Bingo!  With a bit of planning, I had enough space to dry two loads of laundry.

     Now, if the weather will just hold ....

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Great frugal thinking DW.

God bless.