Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Off to the orchard!

  Fall brings one of my favorite activities .... a trip to the apple orchard.

   My family's been going to this particular orchard for, gosh, more than 25 years.   When I was younger, it was a family affair:  my mom and I and my aunts would all head out to pick (and I do mean pick) apples.

Now, it's just DH and myself, and we just visit the stand to get pre-picked apples :)

It's certainly was a good year for pumpkins; they had quite a spread, including some that looked to be also-rans in the biggest pumpkin contest.  We resisted, though.  I can usually find better prices in town.

I was a little disappointed:  No seconds, which I wanted to get for apple butter and applesauce.   And squash prices were much higher than usual, too.  But I did get a half-peck of my favorite, Jonathans, which will make good eating.  And we had a nice drive in the country.


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Jackie said...

I so wish that we lived close to an apple orchard. I think it would be so much fun to pick our own apples.

God bless.