Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Small frugalities

    A few tiny frugal things around the Casa de Chaos:

     DH was fed at  work the other day, and brought home a box of  bread sticks.  Made a nice snack, and a nice batch of homemade croutons for salad and soup.

    Was thinking I was needed to buy another bottle of hand lotion, when I realized that I had a nice collection of lotion samples on hand.  And I found a few more when I was digging through the bathroom vanity.   I have more than enough to take me into late fall, when I buy a bottle of the "good stuff"  to battle winter dryness.  (Anybody else get really dry skin come winter?)

   We took a short car trip over the weekend. (More on that later).  Car trips for me are a good time to do my mending.  Returned another half-dozen of DH's socks to the rotation. And sent a couple to the rag bin -- some things just can't be mended.


Jackie said...

Those little sample packages have saved me having to buy more of things for a long time.

Never thought of mending in the car. Excellent idea!!

God bless.

DW said...

It works pretty well for me ... it's uninterrupted time! I know some folks can't read or do anything while traveling because they get carsick.