Wednesday, July 30, 2014


          I did a double-take when I saw the grocery ads last week.   One of the supermarkets had sugar on sale:  4 pounds for 99 cents!    This was two weeks after another brand was on sale for $1.25.

      I wondered what was up, and did a bit of research.  Seems Domino, one of the biggest sugar refiners in the U.S., cut prices by 5% earlier this month, due to a large supply of raw sugar on the market.

    Well, the timing is certainly good, especially for those folks who make jellies and preserves.  And let's face it, the holiday baking season is fast approaching ...

   I bought 3 bags, to go with the 2 I got in the previous sale.  So I should be in good shape for a while.    

    How about you?  Are sugar prices any lower in your area?



Jackie said...

Sugar prices are pretty steady here. Rogers is our biggest supplier in Canada. One good thing is that this time of year has lots of sales.

Good buys!

God bless.

Barb said...

Yes, both domino and CH (I assume the same company since the coupons are for either/or)