Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sometimes you have to work at saving money

  Coupons and I haven't been getting on well, lately.   Actually, I think they're hiding from me :

   I had a prescription to fill (a pricey one, unfortunately).  I also  have a high-deductible health-insurance plan through my employer. So I have to eat the cost (minus the insurance discount, which isn't much).

    The drug maker offers a coupon worth $60 for a new prescription.  But the link on the company website wasn't working properly.

  I gave up  ... tried again an hour later ... still no luck.  So I called the company's help line.   The CS rep put me on hold to talk to another department. Came back to tell me that they were still working on it, and put me on hold again.

  He returned with a suggestion:  Do a right click and hit 'save target as.'   Er, I don't get that with my right click. He repeated the instructions twice more (which began to annoy me).   And then it hit me:

     Are you on Internet Explorer?  I ask.
     Yes ma'am.
     There's the problem:  I'm not.  

    I've stopped using IE due to the security issues, but I decided to take a chance this time.   Bingo!  Got my coupon, and nicely suggested to the young man that the next time, he ask about browsers ...

     Anyway, took me about a half hour to get this straightened out.  But considering I saved $60 on the deal, that's a pretty good payback.   (And the supermarket pharmacy was offering $20 in free groceries for a new prescription, so the payback was even better.)





Jusmom1 said...

Wow, great score!

DW said...

Thanks! Every bit helps these days!

Jackie said...

I rarely use IE. Could that be why I don't get as many coupons as usual????

Great savings DW.

God bless.

DW said...

Don't think so, Jackie. I suspect it was just their workaround for a messed-up website...