Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Refurbishing ....

  Been doing a bit of sewing here at the casa de chaos ... mostly aimed at mending, and finding a new life for some clothing.

   So far:

   I've patched the blown-out knees on a couple of pairs of DH's jeans ... they'll get another life as yard work and around the house pants. ( I use another couple of raggy jeans for "parts."

   Cut off  a pair of my jeans. This pair had  a blown-out knee that's too far gone to patch.  They're either short capris or longish shorts .. not sure which, LOL

    Took in a too-big pair of sleep pants.  They're still a bit too big .. maybe next time I'll try putting some elastic in.

     I took apart my locker hooking project.  It looked too sloppy for my taste .. especially where the strips of cloth had been put together. 
      I'm trying a new tactic ... sewing strips of the same color together.  It's taking extra time, but I think it will look at lot more finished, and the "bands" of color might be a bit more interesting. 
   If nothing else, the first project was a good learning experience ..  and it all can be reused.

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Jackie said...

There is nothing quite as fulfilling as making something last just awhile longer.

Good going on all the mending.

God bless.