Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden report: Beans!

 The harvest is starting here at the casa ....  

Did the first pick of green beans ... nice representation of all four varieties that I planted. 

Got my first cherry tomato with more to come ... my Romas are starting to ripen .. a bit earlier than usual, but that's fine with me.

Note that I have no idea just where I'm going to put these veggies ... I still have a gallon of mulberries that are waiting to go into the freezer!

Also did a bit of frugal fencing for my cantaloupe plants, which I bought to replace the eggplant and cabbage that some critter tore out.
     Took some previously-used edging and fenced off a portion of the garden ... sort of a fence within a fence.  We then found some unused chicken wire fencing, and created a "tent" of sorts, tucking the wire inside the edging.  A few twist ties hold the wire together.  The package isn't terribly noticeable from the street.  So hopefully, the cantaloupe has plenty of room to stretch out. 
 Best of all, it used materials on hand, so no $$ out!

Oh, and my bumper crop of basil made a very nice batch of pesto ... served over pasta!


CTMOM said...

Put up some dilly beans!

DW said...

Cool idea ... found a recipe for refrigerator dilly beans, so I'll give em a try!

Jackie said...

I managed to harvest a zucchini this year so I am a happy camper. The main harvest hasn't started here yet and I am so looking forward to it.

Dilly beans are awesome.

God bless.