Saturday, June 14, 2014

What $10 will buy

 One of the supermarkets here has a monthly rewards program: spend a predetermined amount in a category and get $ off your next order.  Last month I spent the required amount in pet food (a slam dunk) and garden (another slam dunk), giving me $10 off my next order. 

      So, what to buy?   I decided to see how far $10 could go in stocking my freezer.  One item, I decided, would be a splurge: ground beef.  (My late mother would be horrified to hear that I consider this a splurge item now. Not that I'm thrilled, either.)

    So I check ground beef prices.  $2.99 a pound, but the packages were large, well past my $10 self-imposed limit.  Regular ground chuck was nearly $5 a pound.   Gulp.   I finally settled on a pound of ground round from the butcher's counter at $3.19 a pound on sale. (actual cost, $3.29)

    What next?  Ground turkey was a possibility, but we were stocked with markdowns from another store. DH had suggested ground sausage, but I wasn't thrilled about $3.50 a pound.  Pork shoulder at $1.89 a pound looked promising, but the packages were large, and would have put me over my limit.  
I peeked at the deli counter.  When did lunch meat get to nearly $6 a pound? Thanks, I'll get it at Aldi. 

I finally settled on skinless, boneless chicken thighs, at $1.99 a pound on sale.   A just under 3.5 pound package cost $6.81.   
My total: $10.10.   Not bad -- that will make quite a few meals. 

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