Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stretching: food edition

How we've been trying to stretch those food dollars here at the casa de chaos this past week ... cause my grocery bills certainly aren't going down....

  1. Not our food, but ...  had to switch foods for Senior Gal because it was upsetting her tummy.  Unfortunately, that left half a bag of kibble.  Since I put the food in smaller containers, I now dump a scoop or two in her younger siblings food mix.  They're OK with it.  Did the same thing with a cat food sample that came in the mail.
  2. Stretching produce:   The garden right now is coming in handy ... I'm able to stretch out our salads with a nice array of microgreens. Hoping the tomatoes come in soon.
  3. More produce:   Trying to use up some fresh carrots, so I'm cooking them with the frozen peas for side dishes.  The fresh cabbage has been going into soups and stir fries.
  4. Bread:  Any stale slices go into the fridge to be made into salad croutons. We same the crumbs too, in a bag in the freezer. (Homemade bread is very crumbly, I find.)  When we get a small bag full, it goes into meatballs, or as breading.
  5. Using what's in season.  Here, that's now mulberries.  I juice them for salad dressing, and will be making a batch of freezer jam. (that's an experiment, so stay tuned). There also will be cobbler and plenty of muffins and or quick bread. (And forgot to mention a batch of mulberry applesauce -- using up berries and apples!)

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Jackie said...

I understand completely about grocery costs not going down. Here they keep right on rising. So glad I have a couple of freezers to take advantage of sales.

God bless.