Sunday, June 1, 2014

Garden report ... almost done

   We have a garden extension!!!

   When last we chatted, I mentioned that we needed 1,100 pounds of dirt.  I was wrong.  We needed 3,300 pounds.   And it all fit, too.

    Anyway, that  settled it.  We had to get a bulk delivery. With a bit of shopping, we found a smaller landscaping company that charged about $10 less per cubic yard that the other companies. That helped offset the delivery costs.

    We used the free compost our city offers to mix into the soil, and a rewards card to buy wood mulch for the top.

    Unfortunately, we had a casualty .. me.   Messed up my back and shoulders moving that dirt around, so the planting is going very slowly. But we're getting there... 

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Sorry about the back and arms, but how wonderful that you are almost finished.

God bless.