Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ack .... there went the eggplant!

    I have had problems off and on this growing season with rabbits (and possibly squirrels) getting into my porch and front garden plants.

    I looked at the front garden today and realized something had eaten my last eggplant and cabbage plant!   Not only did it eat the leaves, it dug up the rest of the plants. And this is after I doused it with ground cayenne pepper. (Great, a rabbit that likes spicy food!)

    In the meantime, it bit off part of a potted geranium and dug up and ate three marigolds.   (I'll say this, the critter is eating a balanced diet .... though I thought rabbits didn't like marigolds.)

    I pulled out a large plant stand and put the geraniums (hopefully) out of reach.

    I'm  not sure why my garden is so tasty ... there's a large mulberry tree and some honeysuckle in the back yard to munch on.   I'm especially puzzled about the eggplant. I grew a huge plant there last year without any problems.

     I'll find something else to plant ... and figure out a means to fence it off, somehow.


Jackie said...

Oh dear. I do wonder what animal is eating all your plants.

Hope you have the geraniums out of reach now.

God Bless.

DW said...

Jackie, these poor plants are taking a beating. Yesterday's storm blew them off the stand and across the porch. They did survive, though.