Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A big, big turkey

    Promised I'd mention this ...

    Came across a great deal while shopping:  whole frozen turkeys at 49 cents a pound.   Luckily, there was room in the freezer at home ;)

    Things were pretty busy at checkout:  We were in a hurry, the clerk was slammed ... something didn't seem quite right when she gave me the total.

    I was right.  When I got  home and looked at the receipt, I realized I'd been charged the original price ... but at the rate of 49 cents per pound for a 40+ pound turkey!   (I know that wouldn't fit in my freezer, let alone my oven, LOL!)

   So I went back to the store with my receipt, and a photo of the price tag on the turkey.   We all had a good laugh, and they refunded the difference.

 I'm still trying to imagine what a turkey that big would look like ???

1 comment:

Jackie said...

That was one big turkey!!!

God bless.