Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saving money this past week.

  Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I talk on the forums about saving money.   Taking lunches to work ... washing out plastic bags (maybe I shouldn't admit that ;) ...  trying to avoid eating out (easier said than done) ... blah, blah, blah.

At least this week, I have a few different things to report:

  • Discovered that I'd been way overcharged for something, so I made a return trip to the store to get an adjustment (more on that in another post).  Savings, about $14.
  • Got the bank to refund a charge.  Savings, $5.
  • Used a gift card (earned in surveys) at the gas station, essentially getting $20 worth of gas for $10.   Savings, $10.
  • Used a rebate voucher from the home-improvement store to help pay for 2 new rosebushes and some paving stones.  Savings, about $9. 
So all in all, not a bad week for savings ... it paid for my grocery shop yesterday, with a bit left over.

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Jackie said...

Good savings there DW. I sometimes think that I sound like a broken record as well. But every penny I saved through those little things helped us pay off our mortgage, got us out of debt and helped when Hubby was out of work. I love hearing how others save, as it gives me ideas.

God bless.