Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sometimes, you gotta let go

          I struck a blow for decluttering the other day:  I cleaned out my panty hose drawer.

          A bit of background:  I am not the frilly type.  I don't wear dresses and skirts often.  (Fortunately,  my choice of profession doesn't require formal business attire.)  So while I do have panty hose, I seldom wear them.

         But having several pairs of panty hose  doesn't mean I actually have wearable hose.  That hit home the other day when I grabbed a pair and realized that it was in poor shape:  the elastic was stretched out, and there were some noticeable snags..   Ditto for the next three pairs ...

       Enough ... I grabbed the contents of the drawer and deposited it in the trash can.  (Actually, I relented a bit ... panty hose make nice stuffing for comforters and draft dodgers.)  

    My new goal:  Invest in a couple of pairs of decent hose, and replace when necessary.


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