Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How much dirt?

   We're taking baby steps toward this year's gardening ...  but the biggest news is that we're extending the size of our front garden.  

   Actually, there's a ulterior motive for this ... we need to correct a drainage problem

   I'll need to transplant flowers (cross fingers), but this should give me room for a few more  veggie plants.  Or perhaps some edible landscaping ... 

   There's only one problem:  Dirt.   About a half cubic yard.  About 1,100 pounds.  

   Buying in bulk is the logical (and lowest-price) choice.  But we don't have a truck.  (and filling the back of the trunk is not an option ;)  So unless we can borrow a truck, we may have to use the 40lb bag.

  More research to do, it seems.


Jackie said...

Hope you can find the most economical way to move the dirt you need.

Is there any one to borrow a truck from?

God bless.

DW said...

There might be, Jackie, though I'm going to let DH handle that if he wants to get the bulk buy... ;)