Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dollar store shopping

         Maybe it's a sign of rising prices, but I'm finding that I'm buying more foodstuffs  from the dollar store these days.  

         Last weekend's list:

  •    2 boxes Kashi Go Lean Vanilla Clusters.  I seldom buy this brand at the grocery because of the price, but $1 for a full-size box is a very good deal
  • 2 cans Progresso minestrone soup.   A pantry staple on the days when there's no time to cook.   I used to be able to buy a can for less than $1 with sale/coupon, but the coupons are far and few between.  Lately, sale prices are around $1.25 a can.
  • 1 loaf bread.  I can do better at Aldi, but I'd spend the savings on gas.
  • 1 jar Campbell's salsa. Had no idea Campbell's makes salsa.  Since it's going in a sauce, it's worth a try.


Lili@creativesavv said...

Hi DW,
I am finding more and more that I like at Dollar Tree. It's my go-to place for lasagna noodles and crackers/graham crackers. I've also seen jars of giardiniera there. It doesn't always have the best price, but by comparing prices I can buy what's the best deal for me.

DW said...

Hi, Lil ... true, some things certainly can be had cheaper elsewhere (which is why I'm puzzled when I see folks in line who appear to be doing their weekly shopping there ...when there's a WalMart next door) but it's a good place to do some fill-in shopping.