Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Congratulations, it's a sink!

    After a rather long, drawn-out process, I'm pleased to announce that my kitchen has a new sink/faucet/garbage disposer.

    When last we chatted about this, I mentioned that we were lousy DIY faucet installers.  When we started pricing labor to put in a faucet, we found that the cost wasn't much different to putting in a whole sink.

   So, back to shopping.  This time, luck was with us.  One store had the perfect sink, the other had a garbage disposal and drain kit... all on sale.

   We found a handyman with reasonable rates. Thought we were ready to go, then couldn't get scheduled with the guy.   At that point, a family friend said, 'Hey, I do home repairs on the side ... here's my price.'


  The sink, it turns out, was a bear to put in ... took longer than anybody expected.  But it's in .. and it's lovely!

   Now, on to the next project.

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Jackie said...

Yea!!! You have a sink. I know when mine was gone, I really missed it. I had to do the dishes in dish pans filled in the tub. Not fun at all.

God bless.