Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This and that again

A few notes from the back of a snow shovel ...

(Actually, I'm exaggerating a bit ... the snow is melting nicely.)

Much better:   I mentioned that the yogurt I strained had a really nasty taste.    I tried it again with a name brand plain, no-fat yogurt.   Happy to report that the taste is much, much better,  though it's surprising just how much whey is in a cup of yogurt.

Fix it:   Lots of gluing around the house these days, LOL!   I re-glued a mirror that had split from its backing.  Then I used a wee bit of silicone sealer to fill a crack in my (ancient) boots.
 Lastly, I dabbed a bit of the silicone on the gash in a vinyl glove.   (not that I was trying to save money so much ... I just didn't want to go out in a snowstorm to buy new gloves.)

Renovations:  As do-it-yourself plumbers, we're a bust.   Couldn't get to, or get a basin wrench around the nuts that hold the faucet to the kitchen sink. .... back to Square 1.

Repurposing:  My porch goose is getting a new coat ... made from an old pair of sweatpants. I cut it so the fleece side is out ... gives it a nice texture.   I also salvaged the trim and the buttons from the old coat.   And the old coat went off to the rag bin.  Also hope to have a couple of place mats to show in the near future.

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Jackie said...

We are heading into some nicer weather as well. Hope to see some melting taking place here as well.

What are you going to make your place mats out of?

God bless.