Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How'd that happen?

  When last we chatted (and my, time does fly), I mentioned that I was straining some regular yogurt to turn it into Greek-style yogurt.

   I think something went wrong.   The yogurt came out tasting, well, bitter.  Very bitter.  I tried mixing in a bit of honey ... it tasted even worse.

 Don't know if I had a bad batch of yogurt, or if it was because it was a store brand. (I admit, I'm not always partial to the taste of some store brands.)

   So, I shall try again.  I bought name-brand yogurt, and will strain a small batch of that.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the review of how the yogurt turned out. I am going to wait for your next review before I even give it a try.

God bless.

Lili@creativesavv said...

Did you ever try another variety? I strain my homemade yogurt all the time, and have never noticed a bitter taste. But then, my homemade yogurt is very pure, just whole milk and some yogurt from a previous batch.
I wonder if some of the additives to commercial yogurt become bitter when concentrated through straining? Or, if they use artificial flavors? Was this plain yogurt or flavored?
A friend of mine strains a high-quality brand (all natural sort of brand) of commercial yogurt with much success. So I know this can be done.
Good luck with this.