Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No TV show for you!

We don’t watch a lot of TV here at the casa de chaos,  but we do catch a couple of shows on the broadcast networks.  Since we aren’t usually around for one of them, we usually watch it online, which is easier than using that ancient recording device known as a VCR ;)

  But the network has added a twist to its Web site.  If we want to watch the show, say the day after it airs, we now must use a password from our participating cable provider.  (Since we don’t have cable, that is a problem.)  Otherwise, we have to wait 8 days to see the show.

   Talk about irony:  They want us to pay for cable or satellite to  watch a show that aired for free?   

   Ah, no matter.  Perhaps we’ll fire up the ancient recording device.   Or we’ll wait the 8 days.   Or maybe we’ll just wait for the DVD (which I’ll borrow from the library.)

Note:   Actually, firing up the ancient recording device is going to be more of a challenge.  The device has an analog tuner ... TV transmissions here are digital.  Stand by ...

1 comment:

Jackie said...

It seems as if everyone is trying to make an extra buck or two even if they don't need it. Darn those cable companies.

God bless.