Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some after Christmas notes

  Just a few thoughts as we unwind a bit from the holiday ..

Santa came through: An insulated lunch bag was on my list.  I take my lunch to work every day, and rather than place it in the office fridge (which the janitorial staff is rather ruthless about cleaning out), I leave it in the bag with a cold pack if needed.    Just in case though, I'd found a pattern for a quilted lunch bag, and I was mentally choosing fabric from my stash, pricing insulation, etc.  But by gosh, Santa delivered.  So it's on to the next project.

Kitty Christmas:   Rather  than buy new toys for our furries  (Senior isn't interested; it took Big Boy all of 15 minutes to rip his toy  apart last year), we dug all the old toys out from under the couch and chairs.  They had a grand time chasing around the forgotten balls and bottle caps.   The more durable mice were placed in a bag with dried catnip overnight.  Those were a big hit, too ... even with the territorial dispute over 1 mouse ... 

Can't stop selling:  I must be way out of the loop on this ... 
  Had not seen the major TV shopping channels since we dropped pay-TV a few years ago.  This year, both have appeared in "over-the-air" formats here ...   
       I'd remembered that at least one of those channels would shut down on Christmas Eve and show public service  announcements, or just put up a "Happy Holidays from ..."  sign.
      So, when I clicked through the channels Christmas Eve, I was surprised to see they were showing pre-recorded "holiday events"  -- hosts doing infomercials  about various products.  One of the stations was inviting viewers to shop online.  

     Guess times have changed ... I realize none of the online stores shut down for the holiday, so everyone else has to keep up.  Still, I found it a bit jarring. 

 (And this is the part where all the comments tell me it's been going on for the last decade, and I just haven't been paying attention, right ;)

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