Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh Christmas tree .. where art thy ornaments?

          The arrival of  our tabletop Christmas tree has created a bit of excitement for two of the furry residents here at the casa de chaos.

       Of course, they have to sniff the tree, and taste the tree (even though it means getting a swat from Mom).  Then, we move on to "King of the Hill," where BB and LG push each other off the table. (risking another swat.)

       Then, after Mom and Dad go to bed ... it's time for the real game:  knock the ornaments off the tree.   Got up this morning to find ornaments all over the floor .... and in two of the four corners of the room.

       I really thought that after the first year or two, they'd calm down (like our other cats) so that we could put up the big tree ... I think it may be 2028 before that tree goes up again.



Jackie said...

Aww, DW our cat likes to walk under the tree and lift her tail. She thinks we don't know she is purposefully knocking those lower decorations off. The look over her shoulder at one of us to see if we have noticed, is a dead giveaway.

God bless.

DW said...

Many years ago, we had an animated "snoring" Santa. (He was in a bed; he snored when you pressed a switch.) Somewhere along the line, Santa became possessed .. he'd start snoring every time one of the cats passed by! Great alarm system, LOL!