Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ever think better of something?

  I was poking through the pile of garage-sale goods (actually, stuff left over from the last sale), when I came across a small pile of linens:  couple of pillowcases, couple of pairs of curtains/valances.

  Thought about it for a few minutes, and realized that with the cost of material, these items were worth more to me as potential fabric for projects than what they'd bring at a sale.

   So I took them out of the pile and put them in another pile ... my fabric stash.  


CTMOM said...

Yes, I also view all types of fabric made items as a resource. I finally got the rest of my sewing stash from my now X's home, DD and I have been going through it, making more draft dodgers for no additional cost me me. Perfect. : )

Jackie said...

Today I used some of that recycled fabric DW. I had saved the two green damask curtain panels from the living room and an old Christmas tablecloth and remade the fabric into gift bags. I still have some damask that I can make into more bags.

God bless.