Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Buying in bulk

  My DH likely thinks I've gone round the bend ... I bought a case of TP from one of the big office supply stores. 

   I got  one of those daily deal e-mails offering a discount on "break room" supplies.  And since the price was at my target for 12 double rolls ... and since the rolls were 450 sheets compared with the 264 on the "double" role of the same brand, I thought it was a great deal.   

    Besides, they shipped it to my door for free, so what's not to like?

     (And I put it next to the case of tissues that I bought earlier in the year ...)


Lili said...

People scoff at those who go to places like Costco and buy a pallet of bathroom tissue. But hey, the stuff gets used eventually, it has no expiration date, and you can store it under the bed, in a spare closet, in the basement -- just about anywhere.

Good job on the stock-up!

DW said...

Thanks! It's just nice not to have to constantly replenish something ...