Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bright idea: keeping warm

  I've not been able to find an affordable replacement for my insulated patio curtains.  (Really, when did pinch pleat drapes go out of style? Everything is grommets!)

  So my latest project has been to find a suitable liner for my current patio drapes.  Looked at the commercially made blackout liners; nice, but cost almost as much as a new pair of drapes. I can buy the  lining, but I'm not quite sure how to attach it.  And I'm a bit worried that the lining might be a bit too heavy for the curtain.

 (I'm  wondering if lightweight flannel or  polar fleece would work? Anyone have an idea?)

   And while I debated, the temperatures dropped.  Got to do something   ...

Then I remembered:   A few years ago, I bought several yards of felt to use as window coverings during the winter.   I sewed a pocket at the top, and put them up using tension rods.   We seldom used the one I made for one room, so I did a bit of measuring ... turns out the felt, and the rod, fit perfectly inside the patio door frame.  Well, not quite perfect ... it's a bit short ... but close enough. (Which  makes the cats  happy, since that's a prime bird-watching spot, LOL!)

     It's noticeably warmer by the door now.  It may not be a permanent fix ... but at least it's free.

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Jackie said...

Great fix DW.

God bless.