Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This and that
Just a couple of notes about what's going on at the Casa de Chaos:

  Have 6 dozen black walnuts curing in my garage.   Seems like we have several trees in the neighborhood, and no one seems interested in harvesting them ... outside of the squirrels, that is.  So I thought I'd give it a try.    I either will be making a small black walnut cake for Christmas, or this has all be a big waste of time.  

   Lots of mending and patching going on here. Besides the new cuffs for my hoodie, I've been trying to get some  flannel jammies back into rotation.  I've been using an old flannel PJ top in a similar  color for the patching jobs. The not-quite matching color is going to be  obvious on one top, but it's not going out of the house.  
  Then I need to work on the socks, which apparently all sprouted holes at the same time. 

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Jackie said...

Sounds like the socks around this house DW. I just may have to start a big pile of "darning" again by the end of the week.

God bless.